Frugally Friday: Wheat Free Dog Treats

Will do anything for the treat.

Will do anything for the treat.

(doggies on the move make it hard to get clear pictures LOL)

My beautiful Borador (Labrador/Border Collie mix), Sydney,  is very sensitive to commercially made products.  Those of you who have been around for a while, might remember last summer when she was experiencing awful welts, ear infections and skin problems and when I had to whip up a DIY doggie no-bite collar to help things heal.  You can click here and here to see those posts.

I am happy to report that we have come a long way in Sydney’s health.  No more hot spots, skin rashes or welts, or itching.  I am convinced that changing her diet back to grain-free food, using natural soaps and detanglers and eliminating commercial treats and rawhides are the reason.


There are many pet owners whose animals have suffered serious injuries and death from commercially made dog treats.  Unfortunately, many seem to come from China.  It is not always easy to know where exactly the treats are made.  Companies don’t always make it clear on the package- a U.S. company may distribute the treats, but upon further reasearch they you notice they are MADE elsewhere-let alone in what kind of condition the facility is in or the quality of ingredients they are using.

I think one of the ways to make a stand against the harm being done to our companions is to take matter into our own hands; even if that just means making our own treats- if enough of us did we could hit the companies where it hurts, their profits, of course.

And making treats is very easy, not to mention a stress-free way to give your pooch something they will love with no worries of harmful ramifications, since you control the quality and type of ingredients to make them.


I created the following recipe on Sunday,  the same day I made some cheese (woot).  My sister uses a similar recipe we found on Facebook, but they call for wheat flour, something I want to limit in Sydney’s diet.   They couldn’t be easier to make and Sydney LOVES them.  Loves them so much, she acts a bit crazy around them.  I joked with Edmond that I swear I didn’t put anything addicting in them LOL.  When we have them in our hand, she stands sits at full attention.  It cracks us up.  I think we could teach her just about anything right now….maybe how to sort my laundry even :D  .

They are not grain free as I added oats to them, and if you want to do wheat flour, just substitute that in.  But bear in mind that many dogs have allergies to wheat and I suspect Sydney does better without it too.

If you would like to make these GRAIN FREE as well, just OMIT THE OATS and increase the amount of garbanzo/chickpea flour.  You can find garbanzo/chickpea flour at your local co-op, health food store, Indian or Mediterranean food stores, or the health food area of the grocery store.  If you are having trouble finding it, any bean flour would work.

Here’s what you will need:


Wheat Free Dog Treats

2 cups of Garbanzo/Chickpea flour (a great source of protein)

1 cup of oats

1 can of pumpkin

1 egg

1-3 tbls. of chicken or beef broth (optional)

1 heaping tablespoon of Parsley

1-2 tbls. Peanut Butter (not shown)

Mix the pumpkin, egg, parsley and broth (if using).  Add the flour and oats.  You can adjust the amount of flour until you have a dough that can be handled to form or roll and shape.

Divide the dough in half.  In one half mix the peanut butter.  I swirled the peanut butter instead of mixing thoroughly.  This should give her a great big taste of peanut butter.

I made simple rounds but you could also roll and out and use a cookie cutter to shape. I baked the first batch at 250 F for a couple of hours.  I wanted to dehydrate rather than  bake.  They are not as crispy as I would like, so I will bake for longer next time.

The peanut butter batch I baked at 350 F  until they looked brown and crispy.  This worked fine, but I think dehydrating them keeps some of the nutrients intact that baking at a higher temperature doesn’t.


Crispy or not, these treats sure make her happy, and I can feel good about giving them to her.

And believe me, she knows right where they are….


Edmond and I tasted each flavor, and they are not bad at all.  Kinda Oatey, kinda bean-y.  Not something we would bake for ourselves, but hey, to each their own. :)

Do you have a recipe for dog or maybe cat treats?  Please share if you do.  Together we can keep our sweet pets happy and healthy.

Happy Frugday!

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2 Responses to “Frugally Friday: Wheat Free Dog Treats”

  1. Sounds yummy (for a dog, I mean!) I have seen those bone cookie cutters in stores, so will be using those for these! Thanks for the recipe, will be tweaking a bit to make them vegan.

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